Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Happy Diwali

The lights in my house do twinkle,
They shine so bright tonight.
Beautifully flickering candles,
Little diyas with their golden lights.
It's Diwali time again,
As I sit with a throat so sore.
The exams that call for my attention,
On the study table do snore.
The Kurkure ke dibbe,
Are not this time to be seen.
But the juices and chocolates and cookie jars,
In my room themselves do preen.
So I eat and eat, and eat some more.
With each bite, there's a wish for you.
May good luck be showered on your family,
Lots of health and wealth be, too.
I wish you sparkle with a beaming lovely face,
Everyday of your life with joy.
And may you succeed like the do sau ka rocket,
That goes up up up in the sky.
May you be the WhatsApp in everyone's life,
And not the sucker of a thing that's Voda.
May you be as rich as.. um, the dry fruit.
And wise like the green old Yoda.
May your happiness be never ending,
Just like Sarthak's perennial exams.
And your days be as chilled out as the hippies,
Who smoke up at the cafe of Sam's.
With this my cookies are over,
But the after taste remains.
So, may you be the Section 54 ke provisions,
And there be no tax on your capital gains :D


  1. U knw what, I was actually goin to message you to write something for diwali, it has so much food for thought.
    Cool types poem hai ye. :)

    And all the best for your examinations sarthak. :)

  2. Thanks. CA papers got over today. Another set of CS exams to tackle this December :|

  3. Hahahaha... even writing this two years back, the Tax fever had you gripped!
    Diwali wish mei capital gain and Sec 54... hahahaha!
    Kahin to baksh de yaar :P

    1. Tax se jaan nahi chhooti aaj tak. Zindagi bhar saath nibhaane ka vaada kar liya hai ab toh :P


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