Sunday, August 10, 2014

Raksha Bandhan Tips

#1: Kaju Barfi > Cadbury Celebrations

#2: If your sister ever got you a Livestrong band as a Rakhi knowing how lame it was but it made you super happy because you were in your wannabe phase in 2006, your sister's the best, bro.

#3: Protecting your sister starts with taking her Rakhi shopping a night before Raksha Bandhan and also suggesting which Rakhi you'd like on your wrist. Win-Win!

#4: Know that all the cousins who tie you Rakhi's are not cousins; they're sisters.

#5: It's the day when you meet both the papa ki side and the mummy ki side of the family. Kurta Pyjama up!

#6: Make your plans about the time at which you're supposed to go to nani house and let the paternal relatives know a day in advance. There's a chance the mummy will go on cribbing incessantly about delaying her program from as soon as they leave till Rakhi next year. It's a loop, bro.

#7: If you're supposed to send a Rakhi overseas, 15 days in advance is a safe time to put it in courier.

#8: Don't forget to keep a hanky in your pocket on Rakhi Day. You might want to rub off the tika after a while. Also, who calls it a tilak in Delhi?

#9: Buy a small gift for your sister to show that you made the effort to get something and give her some good cash. She'll love to spend it the way she likes. Trust me, it's really tough to shop for girls. Really tough, bro!

#10: Rakhi earning > 368843135799 x Kanjak earning

#11: As two sisters, you can tie each other Rakhi's and feel like it's a legit thing. It's really cute. Sachi!

#12: Be a man and let that crush tie you a Rakhi if she wants to. With small Rakhi's come great responsibilities. It's the need of our nation.

#13: Aaloo Poori for breakfast. Chhole Chawal for lunch. Woohoo!

#14: As brothers, we wouldn't mind getting some gifts either. It's not mandatory and we don't expect them, but it'll be a cool surprise.

#15: It's advisable that you buy a Rakhi of cotton threads. The silken ones keep opening again and again. Or in case you want us to keep coming to you to tie it repeatedly, it's a separate thing.

#16: Don't be afraid of the Bhaizone. Sisters have friends!

#17: There's no such thing as chhota sa piece of the mithai. Eat the whole damn thing.

#18: Cartoon Rakhi's should stop when your brother crosses the age of 13. Except if his name is Sarthak Ahuja. Spongebob Squarepants Rakhi in 2014, woohoo!

#19: Sit on the carpet during the Rakhi ceremony. Rakhi tying while sitting on the couch is so videshi, bro!

#20: Sisters keep a box for earrings. Brothers, keep one for Rakhi's.

#21: Seen Salman Khan's silver bracelet with a blue stone? It's a collective Rakhi from every sensible woman on the planet. There's a reason people call him Bhai!


  1. @@@@@ lmao on sisters have frnds too ....hahahahahah

  2. Thirteen? Today when my 10-yr-old bro saw his Rakhi, he was like, 'kyaaaa didi, ab mai bachha nahi hu!' -.- :P
    I have a real sister, but we've got such a crap load of brothers (but hey, I'm not complaining!) that we never thought of tying each other Rakhis.
    A very Happy Rakhi to you, btw! :D

    P.S.: Rakhi shopping, a day in advance? Hmm.
    *runs off to show this to her brother(s)*

    1. A very Happy Rakhi to you too! :)

      I'm kinda awesome like that, no?

  3. Loved your post ��
    Sponge Bob was really cute trust me!!
    N I simply loved your gifts. You are a kind of brother who knows how keep her sis happy, going, understands all your responsibilities well, supports them every way n most importantly you are her best friend!! Love u loads brother ��

    1. *wears cool shades and makes sounds that go "oooh, yeah!"*

  4. Haha. Nice. I liked the 12th tip. The nation really needs this thinking.
    Too good!!


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