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Sardarji Insecurity Wale and the Vicious Cycle

Do you know what's a vicious cycle? It's something that our Sardarji, Baljeet Singh Insecuritywale, gets into every time that he is chilling in the winter sun, having glasses full of lassi one after the other because he read in the Sunday edition of Punjab Kesari that drinking 12 glasses of lassi a day would keep his skin glowing and wrinkle free. But just ten minutes after gulping down a patiala glass full, he rushes to the bathroom to pee.

And then he comes back and has another glass. Then he rushes to susu again. Lassi. Susu. Lassi. Susu. Lassi. Susu. Vicious cycle.

But this isn't the only vicious cycle Baljeet Singh ji is in.

So while chilling in the winter sun, Baljeet paaji keeps thinking about what Monty Singh, Kuljeet Bhatia, Guggu Mann and Mandeep Kaur think of him. He feels Mandeep Kaur doesn't like him because of his gray beard; Monty thinks that all of Baljeet's stories from pre-partition Lahore are BS; and Kuljeet thinks that Baljeet is bald inside his turban.

He then thinks of ways in which he could prove his friends wrong, and also have Mandeep fall in love with him. He fantasizes about how he will dye his beard black to win his lady love, and accidentally untie his turban in front of Kuljeet to flaunt his full mane that would prove to others that he is not bald.

Basically, Baljeet Singh Insecuritywale gets caught in his assumed ideas of what his friends think of him and what all he would do to prove them wrong. Assumed opinions of others. Action Plan to prove them wrong. Opinion. Action. Opinion. Action.

It's important to note that these are all things that Baljeet Singh ji is simply assuming about his friends, and none of his buddies have explicitly mentioned any of their thoughts to him. So what makes Baljeet paaji assume such ridiculous things and spoil his Sunday afternoon? 

The answer to this question lies in Singh saab's insecurities. He feels his gray beard makes him look old and unattractive. He freaks out about spotting hair on his pillow every morning, thinking that all of it is slowly going to fall off. And, he saw that Monty was more interested in the whisky and bhujia than in Baljeet's stories from Lahore, when the same were being narrated at their get-together on the previous weekend. Further, our paaji is also quite jealous of his friend Guggu Mann, who is a pop-star and has recently bought a farm near Tivoli Gardens.


Baljeet ji's son, Amreek, moved to Miami two years ago, and is just as insecure as his father despite having done pretty well for himself so far. He keeps worrying about his appearance, his worth in the marriage market and of being thought of as a taxi driver in Miami even though he holds a respectable job in an IT company.

Both Baljeet and Amreek's insecurities can be divided into amendable and unamendable perceived deficiencies. Amendable deficiencies, as the name suggests, are those that they can correct through action, while unamendable ones just keep making them more and more miserable day by day due to their uncontrollable nature.

For example, Amreek could work out and build some muscles. But no matter how much Fair and Lovely he eats with bread and jam, and covers his eyes with cucumber slices, he cannot really match the color of his tanned face with the untanned portion under his pagg, whenever he takes off his turban at the beach.

Amreek's friends are no different. They have their own insecurities to deal with.

Both Baljeet and Amreek can correct their amendable deficiencies by acting on their plans of improvement through will power, determination, perseverance and lots of concentrated effort. However, if they just keep thinking about all that they can do to change others' opinion of them without taking any action, they'll find themselves trapped in a circle of misery, self doubt, failure and false expectations of some miracle from the kadha-parshad.


We should not under-estimate our Punjabi puttar's though. They worked hard over a couple of months and brought some amends to their lives. Baljeet dyed his beard black for a week, while Amreek took a gym membership and built some doley-sholey.

When Baljeet ran into his friends at the gurudwara that evening, he noticed that Mandeep didn't even compliment him on his black beard. Moreover, Monty laughed out loud on seeing him and mocked him for his failed attempt at looking like a gabru jawan.

On the other side of the world, Amreek would flaunt his six packs at the beach and feel good about himself for a bit, but then fall back into feeling miserable because all the white girls fell for white guys and he felt terrible for being brown.

Baljeet's motivation for improvement was to gain others' approval, and he kept failing to receive outside encouragement. On the other hand, even though Amreek got some compliments from his Indian friends at work, he still wasn't happy as he could not change his ethnicity. Both father and son would Skype with each other in the evenings and drink a few pegs to share their pain.

Others' opinion. Misery. Opinion. Misery.

Then one day, like solid Punjab de patthe, both decided to karo hell with Monty te Mandeep and all the white girls.

"Paen de, nahi like karde te na karan. Assi kedha theka leya aa saareyan di khushi da. Te Amreek, tu bas etthe aaja ik vaari. Enni sohni kudi labhni tere layi, memaan nu pull jauga."

The paaji's soon figured that the only way to break from the vicious cycle was to not give a damn and kendi pump up the jam. Father and son worked hard to improve themselves, but found motivation in living better lives than in gaining outside approval. 

Vicious cycle broke. Happiness prevailed. Chalo, langar khaun chaliye Darbar Sahib te.

All's well that ends well. Except, can't get rid of this vicious cycle.

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  1. You know what else is interesting other than your write-ups, its the way you use pictures in between. Your presentation is quite innovative. Should seriously consider starting up your own comic strip

    1. That's a great idea. And, I'll be honest, it's on my mind. Trying to work through some technicalities though. :)

  2. There are two ways to write about insecurities: The Brene Brown way and the Buzzfeed way.
    And then, there is Ahuja saab's sweet shop. :D

    You're amazing! I can't imagine myself feeling anything other than depressed or frustrated (let alone happy!) while reading something on 'insecurities'! This came in the midst of my exams, and I really found a fresh perspective. You nailed it yet again! Thanks for putting this up! :)

    P.S. I LOVE reading Punjabi in your posts. Ekdum ghar wali feeling aati hai! :D


    1. Haha. Thank you, Priyanka. I would suggest that you read I think you'll really enjoy it :)

    2. I'm already a BIG fan of that. :D That's like the much much articulated and elaborate version of everything inside of all of us. I don't know how they do it though! Tim and Andrew, I swear! <3

  3. Replies
    1. I'll be honest; it's not even close to what I wanted it to be like. I'll try to so more of such topics in the near future :)

  4. Wow. At first, when I read this line -
    "Lassi. Susu. Lassi. Susu. Lassi. Susu."
    I was like, 'Da fuq did I just read?' xD

    But, after reading the entire post, I feel freshly motivated. You are a god of analogies, man. Seriously. Sardarji Insecurityvaale? Best. Idea. Ever. I cannot fathom how you thought of that! The whole post - it's just refreshing! And the graphics are likewise hilarious and wise. I absolutely love this; I honestly don't know what else to say. Sharing it on facebook! :D

    Here are your jalebis: @@@@@@@@@@

    1. You think of me as someone too mature, don't you? I'm all for toilet humor. All the time. Nothing like a Lassi, Susu spiral during these summers.

  5. Awesome simply awesome jalebi man

  6. Haha.. This is just outstanding.. Great job.

  7. True for all, not just them, cool comic


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