Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Educational Prefix Hullabaloo

So far, I used to believe that I would only have a problem with someone changing his name to Ishyoboy-Baadshah. But I think the J in my ENFJ personality type overshadows every other trait to such an extent that I just cannot help but judge everyone on my facebook feed who has changed his name to CA FirstName LastName or Dr. FirstName LastName or even Er. and Ar. FirstName LastName.

Don't get me wrong; I am all for pride in one's profession and jingoism that does not unhealthily cross the line to: how could they hang Yakub Memon, he was a fellow member of ICAI. But if you wouldn't prefix your name on facebook with a "Mr." otherwise, I see no reason why a "CA" or a "Dr." should enjoy being the exception.

Being a Chartered Accountant in practice and having gone through the gruelling task of studying the CA curriculum for years, I can assure you that bunjee jumping from the Everest with a harness attached to your undies is a proposal less intimidating than passing the CA exams. I have complete empathy with someone who has lost his fair share of hair during the process, and a heart brimming with joy for him having achieved such a distinguished educational qualification at such a young age, even if he did so at age sixty-eight. But, should an educational qualification be so important that it defines your identity on a website where you otherwise air your passive-aggressiveness?

I think somewhere in the rat race of becoming a doctor, engineer, chartered accountant or some such, a lot of us tend to treat these educational “achievements” as defining moments in our lives. So much so that when due to some external circumstances (a.k.a. life’s unavoidable left-handed slap across our faces), the results of these degrees don’t match our expectations, they lead to professional dissatisfaction and loss of faith in Indian education.

Engineers have joked about how wasteful the degree (and all the money spent on getting it) feels at the time of placements, when most students realize that getting into an IIT wasn’t really the key to everlasting prosperity and happiness, as many of their parents believed and fed them with, in their growing years. I now observe a similar trend among young professionals from courses such as Chartered Accountancy and Company Secretaryship as well. And, I could be wrong, but I believe that a lot of this unmet expectation is a result of glorifying an educational qualification way beyond a well-rounded personality, something that might probably get you more ahead in life than just a piece of paper with fancy calligraphy that you may not be able to justify if you go out of work for two years.

In my humble opinion, if such titles are used on web-pages and forums, where they add to the relevance of the content or provide credibility to a person, they must be used, and why not? But the fact that these so called degrees have now also permeated to wedding invitation cards is beyond me. I may not refuse to have the laddoo’s you send with the shaadi ka dabba, but sorry, I might judge you, for there is now a thing called “education toh aa gayi, par class nahi aayi”.

Am, and will always be proud to be a CA, inter alia.

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  1. Haha, such prefixes go to indicate to a degree self-obsession

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    1. Thank you, Diksha. Appreciate you taking out the time :)

  3. Bapuji insisted I put a 'sh' before his name to show deference until my prrah pointed out it'd mean 'shit'.
    So much for respect. But unless I meditate and know my true self, CA or a Dr before my name will prop my self-image.
    if CA be your clevage sarthakjee,so be it.

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    1. What are those above the jalebi's? I see chocolate barfi's!

  5. Very well expressed ! In complete agreement :D

  6. @@@@ I'm catching up on all the missed posts!
    I'd tell you why 4 jalesbis.. cuz yaaa! I feel bro! It's real wannabe to put CA/Dr. and that stuff before your name. Haha actually it gives a 'too obsessed' class apart image (you know what I mean). Crisp post, this.
    Buttt you missed that last @ cuzzzz you messed with me with that ishyoboy badshah guy'name.. woah! Such an awesome name bro! Why do u say! :D

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