Hi! I’m Sarthak. I was born in a family of accountants with impeccable professional qualifications and embarrassing hairlines. While I tried hard to inherit the former, the latter came with much more generosity. I now try to maintain a humor blog to make up for personality defects. Except, failing at it, and how!

This blog began as an exercise to make writing less dreadful an activity; something that I hoped would come over a period of time. But hasn’t. I attempt to write about the everyday Punjabi life in the national capital region, offering ignorable commentary on the food fads, toilet trends and general code of badassery to live by. You can read the story of this blog here.

Professionally, I’m a Chartered Accountant and a Chatter Box in practice, known better for the blog, it seems.  

You can connect with me through the contact form on the sidebar or through any of my other social media accounts.

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